Go Aweigh To Trailer Wheel Bearings rebuilds

Sure Lube trailer wheels

Note washer with tang.
Pull this out. Mine is a "D"
style and slips out

Tang removed

Backside brake
remove two 3/4 bolts
Slide disc brake out
with wheel hub.

dent back seal so a
screwdriver can pry
seal out between hub
and seal.

Seal being lifted

after cleaning with brake
or electrical cleaner
remove old race by hitting
from behind with hammer on

start new race by using wood
block to seat race. Then
use large socket to tap and
seat firmly on lip

Note lip of where new race
will sit on

Use old race to tap new race
 into place

now use large socket or
I use piece of tail pipe to set
in place

new bearing sitting on race
(grease first)... see procedure
further on

brake or electrical cleaner to
remove old grease

New race and bearing set
with new seal (black)

better photo of bearing set

old bearing removed by
tapping on back with screw
drive and hammer
old race sitting on top

photo before race