Cruise to Broughton Archipelago

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Cruise check list for download in Word format (updated 18 Jun 2011)

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Google Earth .kmz file of Broughton
 final update 2/27/2011
Princess Louisa reference mapBedwell Harbor:
Poet's Cove
Desolation Sound reference map

San Juan islands reference map

Telegraph Harbor
Maple Bay Marina
Pender Harbour
Smuggler's Cove:
Smuggler's Cove
Secret Cove:
Secret Cove
Secret Cove & Smugglers Cove Map
Friday Harbor:
Friday Harbor
Friday Harbor to Greenway Sound Marine Resort
A good trip report with places to stay
Alert Bay Cultural Museum:
Toba Wilderness Resort:
Pierre's Lodge:
Desolation Sound .kmz fileListing of all Marinas in BC     updated 2/23/2011Cruising Distances Salish Sea  updated 2/24/2011

Common Distances in NM:

Port Townsend-Friday Harbor 30.2

Friday Harbor-Otter Bay 21.2

Otter Bay-Nanaimo 34.1

Nanaimo-Secret Cove 22.9

Secret Cove-Refuge Cove 51.8

Refuge Cove-Squirrel Cove 3.8

Refuge Cove-Walsh Cove13.5

Walsh Cove-Toba Inlet 22.3

Toba Inlet-Octopus Is. 38.3

Octopus Is.-Blind Channel 20.7

Blind Channel-Minstrel Is. 45.9

Minstrel Is.-Echo Bay 29.3

Echo Bay-Greenway Sound 14.2

Echo Bay-Forward Harbour 54.9

Echo Bay-Port McNeill 25.9

Greenway Sound-Shawl Bay 8.9

Greenway Sound-Sullivan Bay 6.9

Greenway Sound-Mackenzie Sound 18.9

Greenway Sound-Kwatsi Bay 22.4

Shawl Bay-Echo Bay 8.1

Shawl Bay-Lagoon Cove 29.6

Shawl Bay-Sullivan Bay 11.0

Shawl Bay-Kwatsi Bay 16.1

Alert Bay-Echo Bay 21.5